Weekend watching #2

This weekend I’ve picked a couple of videos from View Source Conference (September 2016). We have “state of the web” and “progressive web apps is the new Ajax”. Something different is “Hillary vs Trump” from Sam Harris.
You can view all the View Source Conference videos on YouTube.

“State of the Web” – View Source Conference Opening Keynote

23 mins
Where the web started, where we are today and a call for everyone to get involved in the open web community to push the platform forward.

by Hadley Beeman

“Progressive Web Apps is the new Ajax” – View Source Conference

33 mins
Comparing native mobile to native web apps – how progressive web apps will revolutionise the user experience for in a similar way to how Ajax did.

by Chris Wilson

“Hillary vs Trump”

16 mins
A comparison and critique of Hillary and Trump – largely focussed on Trump – by author, philosopher, and neuroscientist Sam Harris.

by Sam Harris


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