JavaScript Picks #2

We’re learning about the best of front-end development with JavaScript, featuring “progressive web apps with React.js”, “you might not need redux”, and “state of JavaScript 2016”.

progressive web app

Progressive web apps with React.js

Not just one article – but 3 from Addy Osmani! I haven’t got through these yet, but based on what I’ve read so far it’s fantastic. A must read.

by Addy Osmani

javascript logo

The State of JavaScript 2016

The results of a survey of over 9000 developers. Lots of interesting insights and a great overview of industry trends.

by Sacha Greif

redux logo

You might not need redux

Dan gives an overview of why he created Redux and it’s use cases, but advises people new to React to learn it without Redux first.

by Dan Abramov


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